SCHOOL UNIFORM                                                                                                 

St. John’s Primary Academy believes that wearing a uniform is an important part of school life.  It gives the pupils a sense of belonging and pride for their school.

GIRLS                                                                                                                    BOYS

Grey skirt/pinafore                                                                                         Grey/Black Trousers

Grey/Black trousers                                                                                       White shirt/polo shirt

White blouse/polo shirt                                                                                  Plain red jumper/red sweatshirt with school logo

Plain red cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt with school logo

Summer dress (red and white gingham)


Shoes should be black/brown for all pupils.

INDOOR PE                                                                                                         OUTDOOR PE

Plain red shorts                                                                                                 Plain black jogging bottoms

Plain white t-shirt                                                                                               Plain black sweatshirt jumper

Black pumps                                                                                                     Trainers

Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named.  Jewellery, other than watches, is not encouraged in school.  Only studs are to be worn in pierced ears.  For safety reasons, earrings must be removed for PE - please note members of staff are not permitted to remove them.

We have 2 suppliers providing our school uniform:

  • Crested School Wear – there is a store in the town centre: 35-36 Gaolgate Street, Stafford, ST16 2NT (Tel. 01785 748481).  Alternatively, you can order online at www.crestedschoolwear.co.uk.  When purchasing from the website:
  1. Select SHOP tab from the top of the main page
  2. Select schools S-U
  3. Click on School Logo, where you will find all products relating to the school.
  • Brigade Clothing - has an online ordering system.  The website address is www.brigade.uk.com – please ensure you select the correct school.  Our school is listed as St Johns C E Primary (ST16 3RZ).