About St. John's

Our ​School Aims

To provide all our children with an education of high quality which is matched to individual ability and promotes high expectation and achievement in a Christian and caring atmosphere.

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which all pupils are enabled to achieve the highest standards.

To actively seek to develop and maintain the school built environment to support the achievement of all pupils.

To recognise each child as an individual who needs to be given the best opportunity to develop academically, socially, physically, spiritually and morally in order to take their place in a multicultural society.

To foster a lifelong enjoyment of learning which will encourage initiative, an inquiring mind and independent thought in the children.

To develop standards of behaviour that promote tolerance and consideration of all members of society and promote fundemental British values.

To encourage the children to develop new interests and skills through the provision of a wide range of extra curricular activities.

To provide opportunity and encouragement for parents and carers to be fully involved in their children’s education.

To cultivate an atmosphere of mutual support in which a bond of confidence is developed between parents/carers, staff, pupils, governors and St. John’s Church.