Pupil Premium

In 2016/2017 the Government provided Pupil Premium Funding for all schools. This funding is based on :

  • pupils who are eligible for free school meals or have received free school meals over the last six years
  • pupils whose parents work in the armed forces
  • any children who have been looked after continuously outside of the family home for more than six months.

It is up to schools how to spend this additional money, but schools are accountable for how they spend it. Part of this accountability is to provide a report to parents on how the funding has been allocated.

At St John's the objectives for all pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding is to

  1. Raise their attainment and progress so that the gap between their attainment and others in the year group is narrowed.
  2. Eliminate any gaps in their skills and knowledge enabling them to participate more easily in classroom activities.

This year our pupil premium budget is £73,438. This combines the service pupil premium and the free school meal premium.


TA interventions x 40 hours per week:                                   £24,410

Additional TA to support in class x 46 hours:                         £30,586

Family liaison office x 16 hours per week:                             £12,130

EAL TA X  15 hours per week:                                                   £9331

Trip / music subsidy:                                                                      £165


TOTAL:                                                                                                  £76,622


We measure the impact of the funding by using our tracking system. Ths allows us to track every pupil, ensuring progress is made and intervenions are planned for if necessary. Our pupil premium spending will be reviwed in the summer term.