Minutes of St. John’s C.E. Primary Academy PTFA meeting 19 September 2017


Apologies: Anna, Selina, Mrs Rusted, Mrs Stoddard

Present: Miss Rees, Mrs Cooper, Miss Evans, Mrs Henderson, Mrs Connor, Mrs Bates, Miss Morgan, Mrs Major, Miss Turner, Mrs Argyle, Miss Coady, Miss Round, Mrs Follows, Mrs Costello, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Jones, Mrs Snowdon, Mrs Hartley, Ms Robinson, Mrs Smith

Committee proposed and seconded:

Chair - Miss Rees

Vice Chair - Mrs Hartley

Secretary - Mrs Cooper

Treasurer - Mrs Henderson


  • Bank details to be checked to establish remaining funds.
  • PTA funded coach costs to Alton Towers for Y6 and to Conkers for Y4 along with an ICT programme last academic year.
  • Our first fundraiser this year will be a disco on 6th October.  We will also have the festive secrets room again as it was very successful last year.
  • Mrs Connor would like some money to purchase playground buddy badges.
  • Mrs Cooper would also like money to buy ECO warrior badges.


Meeting closed 4pm.

Next meeting: To be arranged.