Our Creative Curriculum approach at St Johns School empowers children as life long learners. The curriculum is based on the New National Curriculum (NC) developed for use from September 2014, for years 1-6 and the Early Years profile for Reception. Entwined within the National Curriculum are both our Values topics and The Staffordshire Agreed RE Syllabus.

All year groups teach through a themed approach which is planned to cover all ares of the curriculum.

In addition to this, some areas of the curriculum are delivered as discrete lessons if they do not fit naturally within the theme. Which subjects this involves varies from year to year and from term to term.

Each theme is different and flexible in time scale. A theme can last from 1 week to 12 weeks. Sometimes there are whole school themes that last from one to three weeks. 

For more detail about what each year group are being taught please see below. Please note that this is an outline of the learning to be covered (themes, knowledge and skills) and may be adjusted as the year progresses.