Meet the Staff

Meet our teaching staff and find out a little bit more about us.

Senior Management

Miss Evans - Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENCO
Mrs Trubshaw - Leader of Learning for Foundation and KS1
Mrs Wright - Assistant Principal

Reception Teachers

Mrs Trubshaw
Mrs Massey
Mrs Smith

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Rusted
Mrs Stoddard

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Tunnicliffe
Mr Jones

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Fleming

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Parry
Mrs Teece

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Thornton
Mrs Bates

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Major
Mrs Wright

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss Morgan Assistant SENCO
Miss Rees
Mrs Argyle

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Clay
Mrs Connor - Family Liaison Officer
Mrs Cooper
Mrs Davies
Mrs Follows
Ms Robinson
Mrs Snowden Assistant SENCO
Miss Round
Miss Turner
Mrs Pearce
Mrs Gurung
Mrs Griffiths

Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs Farmer
Mrs Wright
Mrs Garrett - Senior Supervisor
Mrs Smith
Mrs Furey
Mrs Bott
Mrs Youlden
Mrs Wright
Mrs Arnold
Mrs Gurung
Mrs Rai
Mrs Jackson

Site Staff

Mr Weaver Site Techician

Office staff

Mrs Costello - School Secretary
Mrs Edensor - Clerical Assistant
Mrs Fuller - Bursar
Mrs Craddock - First Aid Officer and Reprographics Assistant

Kitchen staff

Mrs Seaman - Catering Supervisor
Mrs Deavall
Mrs Gawne
Mrs Wright

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Proudlock
Mrs Teitge
Mr Housby