Meet the Staff

Meet our teaching staff and find out a little bit more about us.

Senior Management

Miss Evans - Principal
Mrs Trubshaw - Leader of Learning for Foundation and KS1
Mrs Wright - Assistant Principal

Reception Teachers

Mrs Trubshaw
Mrs Massey
Mrs Smith

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Rusted
Mrs Stoddard

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Tunnicliffe
Mr Jones

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Fleming

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Parry
Mrs Teece

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Thornton
Mrs Bates

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Major
Mrs Wright

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss Morgan - Assistant SENCO
Miss Rees
Mrs Argyle

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Clay
Mrs Connor - Family Liaison Officer
Mrs Cooper
Mrs Davies
Mrs Follows
Ms Robinson
Mrs Snowden Assistant SENCO
Miss Round
Miss Turner
Mrs Pearce
Mrs Gurung - Bilingual Teaching Assistant
Mrs Griffiths

Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs Wright
Mrs Garrett - Senior Supervisor
Mrs Furey
Mrs Bott
Mrs Moreton
Mrs Youlden
Mrs Wright
Mrs Arnold
Mrs Gurung
Mrs Rai

Site Staff

Mr Weaver Site Techician

Office staff

Mrs Costello - School Secretary
Mrs Edensor - Clerical Assistant
Mrs Fuller - Bursar
Mrs Craddock - First Aid Officer and Reprographics Assistant

Kitchen staff

Mrs Seaman - Catering Supervisor
Mrs Stoker
Mrs Deavall
Mrs Cresswell
Mrs Gawne
Mrs Wright

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Proudlock
Mrs Teitge
Mr Housby
Mrs Wilshaw